Workshops Pole – £47.50 per person
Workshop non Pole – £40 – per person
All Pole Workshops will be a max 2 people per Pole


Friday 14th August @ Pole Athletes
Unit 58 – Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0QX

Jazzy KStatic Trick Flow14:00 – 15:30Book Now
In this workshop you learn combinations and transitions that bring flow into your static pole work. Learn how to move nicely from one trick into another and how to rotate your body and creating momentum to turn static into spinning movements.

Jo DandridgePole Fluidity15:45 – 17:15Book Now
Come along and learn how to create fluid movement around the pole, combining spins, transitions and floor work to create an endlessly moving sequence. Great for if you have endless tricks but nothing to link them all together.

Friday 14th August @ Off the Ground
25 Taplin Rd, Sheffield S6 4JD

Sarah ScottHandspring 10114:30 – 16:00Book Now
Sarah’s most popular workshop! Over the years she has perfected her system that will help you understand the mechanics of the movement, give you the tools you need to take away to get stronger and have you trying different grips, deadlifts techniques and more. Being able to do a handspring is NOT a requirement for this workshop.

Cyd SailorSpinny combos with Cyd16:00 – 17:30Book Now
Probably Cyd’s favorite class! Learn how to combine tricks on a spinning pole, with fluidity and control.

Saturday 15th August @ Pole Athletes
Unit 58 – Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0QX

Jo DandridgePole Fluidity10:00 – 11:30Book Now
Come along and learn how to create fluid movement around the pole, combining spins, transitions and floor work to create an endlessly moving sequence. Great for if you have endless tricks but nothing to link them all together.

Sarah ScottChoreography Flow Workshop11:45 – 13:15Book Now
Suitable for a variety of levels, come along and learn fluid and fun flows using helpful teaching techniques that make it easier to follow. Studio can request heels or barefoot option. ***Heels optional***

Toxic CherrySick Trix and Sexy Spins13:30 – 15:00Book Now
Toxic Cherry’s bespoke Hot Gal Summer Edition created just for us. Brand new tricks, spins and combos are sure to make this a turbo-charged, scorcher of a session. A true entertainer and advocate of the Classique style, Cherry will teach you some of her show-stopping tricks that have helped her win multiple championships. Super sassy but forever classy, this workshop really will show you how to wow any crowd and have them begging you for more! Of course it’s all brought to you in good, wholesome authentic fashion. ***Suitable/adaptable for all levels but you must be able to safely invert unassisted and at least outside leg hang (Gemini). Heels are useful but not essential***

Leah RoseErotic Exotic15:15 – 16:45Book Now
Leah’s most in demand workshop! Grab your heels and get ready to slide your way up, down and around the pole . Learn one of Leah’s super- hot exotic inspired routines. With lots of low flow and sultry movements which can add new elements to your dance, this workshop will have you walking out a hot mess. *** Students should have a comfortable forwards / backwards roll. Don’t forget to bring Heels, sock for sliding and knee pads ***

Annie NorrisSmoothment 17:00 – 18:30Book Now
This Workshop can be a mixture of pole and floor, or just one. For floorwork – you will learn smooth, flawless transitions which will make you feel light and smooth in your floorwork. For Pole – learn the art of slowly and smoothly working your way around the pole in some classic combinations. You will learn the secret to using different parts of your body to grip to control tricks and make them appear even more smooth and fluid, along with rotating your tricks on a static pole and creating a smooth style. *** Must be able to invert ***

Saturday 15th August @ Off the Ground
25 Taplin Rd, Sheffield S6 4JD

BexiitaPhoto Shoot Ready!10:00 – 11:30Book Now
ALL levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. Photo shoots can be daunting! It can be so hard to nail your moves and get the picture you want, but key to photo shoot success is preparation. In this workshop we will look at creative moves, angles, tips and tricks for those small details, as well as simple floor moves and pole poses. Students are encouraged to bring notebooks to take notes. This class is ideal for first time photo shoot students as well as more advanced students, and we will work with ideas and moves students already have in mind to create a successful and inspirational shoot!

Tiff FinneyS**t You May Actually Be Able To Do11:45 – 13:15Book Now
S**t You May Actually Be Able To Do Says it on the proverbial tin. Learn lots of cool pole tricks, floor and exotic flow- all of which you have a high chance of nailing! All of which are also ace AF. The focus is on learning interesting, cool, fun and new content. As long as you can climb and invert then this class is for you.

Emma NicholsonSpready Heaven (Pole Tricks)13:30 – 15:00Book Now
Join Emma in Spready Heaven, get your straddle pimped and practise some awesome spreadies on the pole! This session starts with a thorough warm up to awaken and activate your best straddle. You will then learn and practise tricks that showcase your straddle with some crowd pleasing spreadies on the pole. We are talking crotchtastic pole tricks with the WOW factor! See you in Spready Heaven! Suitable for intermediate level and beyond. Wear warm layers to stretch in and your pole gear for your pole spreadies! Heels welcome but not essential!

Jazzy KExotic Witchcraft15:15 – 16:45Book Now
In this choreography workshop you learn a smooth and flowing routine that emphasies on elegant and soft movements that are known from Russian Exotic style. Learn how to use your body to hypnotize and bewitch your audience while flowing from one move into another. Release your inner sensual exotic witch!

Charlotte RobertsonInst Tricks17:00 – 18:30Book Now
From power spins & deadlifts, to all the moves of the moment, Charlotte will share all her latest combos and tricks with you as seen on her Instagram.

Sunday 16th August @ Off the Ground
25 Taplin Rd, Sheffield S6 4JD

Annie NorrisExotic Rush10:00 – 11:30Book Now
This workshop will give you the thrill and excitement of banging exotic tricks and flow. You will feel exhilarated and powerful learning to bang, clack and flick your hair through exotic movements including learning the perfect body wave, making your body language authentic, how to engage your audience and low flow pole. Bring your heels, knee pads and wear whatever makes you feel sexy. *** All Levels Welcome ***


Friday 14th August @ Pole Athletes
Unit 58 – Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0QX

Leah RoseFloor Whore15:45 – 17:15Book Now
Want to be a floor whore? This workshop will give you sequences, tricks and tips to make your floorwork fluid and just a bit filthy… Kneepads advised! Pre-requisite – Students should have a comfortable forwards/backwards shoulder roll

Saturday 15th August @ Pole Athletes
Unit 58 – Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0QX

Charlotte RobertsonStretch & Balance10:00 – 11:30Book Now
Charlotte was not naturally flexy when she started pole & now she wants to share her top tips and tricks to assist you on your flexibility journey. Starting with a fun high energy warm up, moving on to partner drills and stretches & finishing off with some bendy balances.

Toxic CherryMoney Moves 11:45 – 13:15Book Now
In the words of the iconic Cardi B (and she can never be wrong)…..I don’t dance now, I make Money Moves. If you want to own the floor then this workshop is DEFINITELY for you. Cherry will teach you some of her slick floorplay and smooth low flow that has helped her win several Classique pole titles. This is pure, authentic floorwork, and is sure to have you capturing the attention of anyone who looks on. However, these hot AF moves are no good on their own – in this workshop you will also be taught a mini routine to put your scorching new skills to work! ***Suitable for all levels. Heels are strongly recommended; knee pads are useful for certain move sequences***

Cyd SailorFloor-Tease13:30-15:00Book Now
Floorwork and strip tease? Cyd will show you how it’s done, the burlesque way! In this class you will learn a pin-up floorwork routine, and some playful clothing removal techniques 😉 The most daring of you will even learn how to twirl pasties!

Tiff FinneyPlease Sir, Can I Have Some Floor?15:15 – 16:45Book Now
Learn Tiff’s signature floor and flow all put into a glorious routine. This means you not only have flow but also lots of individual floor tricks to take away. Great for those needing some new floor/pole mojo. Open level. Open legs. Get your heels on!

Sunday 16th August @ Pole Athletes
Unit 58 – Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0QX

BexiitaFloorsome10:00 – 11:30Book Now
ALL levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. Head down, arse up… that’s the way we pole! Heel bangs, floor transitions, hair flicks and spreadies, Bex will be teaching us a simple floor based routine suitable for complete beginners as well as more advanced polers. Transitions around the floor, low flow pole work, leg work and more, this class is suitable for all abilities, and those wishing to get in touch with their heel banging, hip circling hair flicking bad self! Knee pads and heels essential. This class is floor based and suitable for complete beginners as well as advanced polers.

Emma NicholsonFlexy Legs (floor-based)10:00 – 11:30Book Now
It’s leg day! Strong and flexy legs allow for fluid, captivating  movements and mind bending poses, so it’s no surprise that flexy legs are the holy grail of many a pole dancer. This session is perfect if you’d like to learn techniques to develop your leg flexibility including your front and middle splits. Learn how to safely develop mobility, strength and flexibility in the legs and hips during this mat-based session. Let’s chase those leg gains!
Suitable for all levels of flexibility and experience. Wear warm layers for this session, heels are not required but are welcome for some of the movement drills if you like to wear them.

Seminars & Free Classes

Seminars & Classes from the industries leading figures

Saturday 15th August
The Abbeydale Picture House, 387 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FS

Sarah ScottCross Training10:00-11:00amBook Now
Find out the best way to cross train for Pole and Aerial. Sarah has been a champion Pole Dancer for many years, but she doesn’t just train pole. Ask her any questions and find out her secrets to becoming a strong well rounded performer.

Leah & JazzyCompetition Ready 11:00-12:00pmBook Now
Are you thinking of entering a competition but don’t know where to start ?
Have you entered comps and never got in ?
Do you have a competition and don’t know where to go from there ?
Leah Rose and Jazzy have competed and won many competitions between them. Find out the importance of preparation and speak to the ladies about how they prepare both physically and mentally.

Stacey SneddenIt doesn’t have to be difficult12:00-1:00pmBook Now
Running a business in the Pole or Aerial industry can be really difficult, BUT it doesn’t have to be.
Speak to Stacey about how to juggle multiple of project, time management and pick her brains on running a studio, events and a training business. People management and how to be thick skinned in this ever growing industry. This is for those who already run a business and for those who are thinking of starting up.

Lorna WalkerCompetition Ready 10:00-11:00amBook Now

Xpert TeamFlexibility Flow11:00-12:00pmBook Now

Lorna WalkerContemporary Flow12:00-1:00pmBook Now


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