Pole Art is one of the oldest and largest artistic competitions in the world. Run worldwide by Allegra Bird we are pleased to bring Pole Art to the UK. Pole Art UK will run for the 2nd year , organised by Stacey Snedden and Lorna Walker.
Pole Art competitions are renowned worldwide as providing a platform for competitors to express themselves on stage and share their love of the artistic side of pole dance.

Pole Art U.K provides a unique opportunity for performers from across the globe and encourages individuality, talent and creativity. With an emphasis on combining the athletic and artistic side of pole dancing. Allowing performers to express their emotions and talents, bringing unique concepts to the stage, it is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity flow freely and share your art form with the world.

Saturday 26th October – 5pm

Pole Art UK Junior & Pole Art UK Amateur

Saturday 27th October – 7pm

Pole Art UK Semi Pro & Professional

Apply for Pole Art UK – Applications close 15th August 2019

To apply for Pole Art UK –Please Read Rules HERE

Applications are £35 per person and non refundable


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